The 10 Sexiest, Most Sexually Explicit Films

One of the great bad films of recent times Showgirls certainly has its sexy moments. A film about the stripper scene of Las Vegas starring Elizabeth Berkley was always going to be. Although the film often crosses over into the absurd there are some tantalising scenes.
The film starts with the young runaway Nomi Malone played by Berkley being ripped off by her ride after hitch hiking into Las Vegas. Stranded and alone she is saved by her soon to be best friend Molly. The sexiness begins as we learn Nomi has turned to stripping in order to support herself. The films explores the seedy underbelly of the Las Vegas stripper scene from the sleazy lows to the dizzying heights of the high end shows. A sexual tension filed power struggle ensues between the young fresh Nomi and the queen of the stage Cristal Conors played by Gina Gershon. A cat and mouse game of seduction and control develops throughout the film.
The evident allure of Nomi is enticing throughout. However the obnoxious entitlement of her and her fellow showgirls is a major turn off. If you can stomach the distasteful personalities then this will be a real treat. Especially for anyone who favours the athletic lean bodies that the 90’s are known for.
Sexiest moment:
When Nomi performs a lap dance for the boyfriend of Crystal Conors as she watches intently whilst snorting cocaine. In what is the beginnings of a kinky love triangle Naomi bares all in the seduction of the boyfriend Zack (Kyle MacLachlan) and Crystal. Nomi to the salacious interest of Crystal, who gyrates and thrusts her way to the climax of Zack.
Boogie Nights
This is probably the most well-known film on this list, boasting a stellar cast and critical acclaim. The movie is loosely based on the life of male porn star John Holmes, played by Mark Wahlbergh.
A young Eddie Adams (Wahlbergh) is discovered by adult film maker Jack Horner, (Burt Reynolds) and that is where the fun begins. Adams fucks his way to stardom, becoming the most revered male porn star of his generation, under the stage name – Dirk Diggler. But what comes up must come down and it is an almighty crash.
The emergence of cocaine and a growing sense of arrogance in Diggler ultimately lead to his downfall. A cocaine addiction dulls his one god given gift in life – a huge penis and the ability to use it. The excesses of life and the past slowly but surely unravel the dysfunctional group of porn pariahs.
The film is an intoxicating and unflinching portrayal of porn, parties and the pain of the past. Well worth a view.

Sexiest moment:
When the young Dirk Diggler finally gets his chance on camera and doesn’t disappoint. The older more experienced redhead Amber Waves (Juliane Moore) guides the young shy Adams on set. The blend of youth and innocence with age and experience is mesmerizing as illustrated by the gawping faces of the production team.

Long before fifty shades of Grey there was the film Secretary, and long before Christian Grey there was Edward Grey. This film also follows a similar theme of perversion, of an older powerful man, dominating a young innocent women in the world of BDSM. The unhinged character of Mr Grey (James Spader) is the boss of his own small legal firm and carries this domineering role into his sex life. The new young secretary Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is soon preyed on as the submissive, which shows a sinister corruption of a vulnerable self-harmer.
However the prey soon becomes the predator as Lee relishes her new found sexual pleasure from pain and humiliation. Mr Grey on the other hand battles with his desire and a sense of shame as he hides from Lee, ignoring anything that may cause his sexual senses to be engaged. This ultimately ends with Mr Grey firing Lee. However through a show of extreme submissive loyalty, she shows him that his sexual preference is nothing to be ashamed of, and the film leaves us with a weirdly romantic ending.
Sexiest Moment:
After tensions boil amidst Mr Grey’s demands of perfection and his hunger to punish Ms Holloway’s imperfections, the game finally begins. After discovering a spelling mistake in a letter she has written he calls her in to his office. He then very methodically makes her bend over his desk placing her hands flat on it. Lee is asked to read out the letter in this position as her boss forcibly slaps her across her backside to her surprise, pleasure and amusement.
Sex and Lucia
The first half of this film is unbearably sexy. The opening scene is a highly romanticised one night stand, of which only the passion of a Spanish director could envisage. A midnight skinny dip turned romp under the stars, behind a beautiful backdrop of a Spanish island. This grips you with an air of sensual intrigue.
As the film unravels, the past present and imagination begin to blur in increasingly implausible events. The lusty Lucia enchants us from the start in her uncompromised love for the increasingly damaged writer Lorenzo. The film highlights the scourge of depression and abandonment along with touching on the taboo subject of incest.
However the bizarre, confusing and irritatingly unbelievable series of events in the second half of the film makes it hard to follow.
Sexiest moment:
When Lucia teases the tongue of an eager Lorenzo as she hovers legs spread and naked inches from his mouth.

Crash (1996)

This film enters the bizarre and interesting world of crash fetishers or Symphorophiliacs. James Spader makes his second appearances on this list as the main character James. The devastatingly beautiful Deborah Kara Unger plays his wife Catherine. Their open minded risky sexual appetite is apparent from the start. They each openly have sex with other people to be discussed later. Catherine bent over an aeroplane in a hanger and rimmed while James equally licks and takes his young Asian colleague from behind in the camera room of a movie set.
After James crashes his car and seriously injures his leg he is introduced into the murky Symphorophilia scene. James meets a band of car crash surviving sexual misfits headed by the lizardly leader Vaughan (Elias Koteas). What transpires is a series of increasingly perverse and dangerous thrill filled sex sessions. The film is very much a glimpse into sexual self-harm and the thrill of danger. However the storyline makes as much sense as the fetish itself and the mesmerisation at the gimmick soon wears thin.
Sexiest Moment:
When at the bequest of Vaughan, James takes him for a drive in his drop-top car – the same model from the Kennedy assassination. Vaughan pics up a street prostitute and they go for a thrill ride through the dark night streets of the city. At high speed in the backseat, Vaughn fondles and ragdolls the half-clad hooker around. Something about the reckless abandon and the tension filled danger of falling out of the car is exciting and enticing in equal measure.
Ken Park.
Be warned for all the sexy moments within this film there is an equal number of awkward moments. Be prepared for cringeously, uncomfortable moments from the outset.
Ken Park centres around the early noughties craze of skateboarding and the skater boy cult of the time. The films name is given in homage to a skater boy that commits suicide rather bizarrely in the opening scene. The film is very much an exploration of youth versus age. Of youthful rebellion and parental resistance.
The film encompasses the embarrassingly adolescent sexual experiences we have all encountered in some form or another. Full of fun and excitement but lacking in substance. Perhaps the most wince worthy moment takes place midway through the film. When the sneakily sexual Peaches (Tiffany Limos) is caught giving head to a handcuffed boyfriend (Mike Apaletegui) by her devout Christian father. The illusion of innocence is ruined at this very moment, and he proceeds to beat the living daylights out of the haplessly handcuffed teen. The film ends with a carefree threesome of three of the main characters – Shawn (James Bullard), Claude (Stephen Jasso), and Peaches. However it is very unflattering and anticlimactic to which the closing music did not help.

Sexiest Moment:
When Shawn lives out every teenage boys fantasy. Seduced and sexually educated by a beautiful older women. His girlfriend’s mother. The sleazy seduction is disturbing, arousing and uncomfortable as the older women uses the young boy for her sexual satisfaction. However it becomes evident that this unthinkable encounter is driven by more than pleasure. She is psychologically trying to relive her youth as she deals with the degradation of her beauty and allure.

As the name suggests the film nymphomaniac features a women heavily addicted to sex. More specifically the movie is a single room tale featuring the sexually uninhibited Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg). She retells her sexual escapades to Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) who literally picks her up out of the gutter and saves her. As she recants her stories the ever understanding and polar opposite Seligman tries to find common ground in her behaviours with fishing, mathematics and philosophy.
Flashing back to the younger Joe played by Stacy Martin, nymphomaniac explores coming of age with the overt curiosity of sexual addiction. Showing us in gritty details first times, manipulation, sex games and all the fun, joy, pain and problems this brings. Also of note the infamous Shai LaBeouf is of central importance to this film, and may have sent Joe into a downward spiral of deviance, after brutally taking her virginity.
Sexiest moment:
When Joe and fellow nymphomaniac B (Sophie Kennedy Clark) ride the pleasure train. A game devised by B who is very much the sexual mentor of Joe. A wager to win a bag of chocolates has them compete for the most sexual encounters on a single train journey. Both Joe and B seem to meet their match as they meet a man on his way to meet his wife to try and conceive a baby. The sexually psychological breakdown of this man’s resistance and the highly explicit orally climactic scene is disturbing and erotic in equal measure.
Blue is the warmest colour
The film revolves around a young women named Adele played by the beautiful Adèle Exarchopoulos. This coming of age drama is an exploration of sexuality, of a young girl battling her homosexual urges under the judgement of herself and society. The movie is incredibly sexually explicit leaving the bare minimum to the imagination in the lustful sex scenes.
The 2013 Palme d’Or winner is much more than a sexually exploitative film however and is as much an emotional rollercoaster as it is a sexual ride. The film steps in to gear as Adele meets the love of her life Emma played by Léa Seydoux. The older more experienced Emma enchants Adele with her overt sexuality and artistic outlook on life. The passion and love between the two is enthralling and beautifully portrayed pushing and pulling on your emotional and sexual heart strings throughout. The passion never dies but their differing emotional maturity and perspectives on life lead to their eventual demise in heart breaking fashion.
Sexiest moment:
When the almost unbearable building tension is released as the protagonists finally give in to their urges. The impressively long scene is an explosion of sensuality, both delicate and firm in their orgasmic lust for each other. The climactic end is a frenzy of mutual masturbation rimming and sixty nine-ing.
9 Songs
This is perhaps the most sexually explicit film on the list in that the actors participate fully in their sex scenes. However rather than focusing on the lustful perversion of sex this movie focuses on the beauty of sex, of really connecting in passionate exploration of one another. Although the sex is real it is beautifully underplayed. No false moans, no ridicularity, just an elegantly artistic display of the imperfect intimate moments of sex.
As the name suggests the film takes place over the course of 9 songs, including gig footage of the cream of the crop of Indie Rock. The stars of the film Matt (Kieran O’Brien) and Lisa (Margo Stilley) meet at one of these gigs and we are shown between each song how their relationship develops sexually and emotionally.
The first part of the film can make a single person yearn for the passionate besotted love making that is played out in front of our eyes. However as the film progresses chinks start to appear in their relationship. Lisa appears to be growing bored and seeks new ways to pleasure herself including one scene where Matt catches her using a vibrator even though he is readily available. Matt on the other hand seems to develop romantic feelings of which are lightly reciprocated. The relationship ultimately breaks down as travelling student Lisa, travels home to America rather than attempting to make things work in England.
Sexiest Moment:
When Matt ties up and blindfolds Lisa, while narrating an erotically charged visualisation as he goes down on her. Lisa then takes over the narrative as she begins to fantasize aloud in the throes of pleasure. When she can no longer take anymore she begs Matt to fuck her which he dutifully does.
Real sex, orgies, semen baths, sex with snakes, rape, incest, and dwarf sex. What more can be said?
It is perhaps surprising that the oldest film on the list (1979) is the most sexually graphic of them all. This film may be one of the most depraved, sinisterly sexual films of all time. The movie does an impressive job of portraying the sex, violence and nudity befitting of the Roman Empire.
The film follows the extravagant life of Caligula played by Malcom McDowell and his descent into depravity. Caligula struts around his empire like a cat, scheming and manipulating his way to an untimely death at the hands of his own guards. However long before the end, the height of Roman extravagance is on full display as a trove of orgies and deviance fills the screen. These theatrical Cirque Du Soliel esq orgies take up much of the film and they are memorable sights to behold. Caligula also continues his incestuous relationship with sister Drusilla played by the beautiful Teresa Ann Savoy throughout his reign. Even after the marriage to Caesonia (Helen Mirren) the relationship not only continues but develops.
Sexiest moment:
The scene can only be described as the prostitute pleasure boat. In an extravagant display of power, Caligula whores out the wives of his own generals, and members of the senate, very much the nobility of the time. What ensues is the orgy to end all orgies. The scene breaks all the taboos of the time from interracial sex, homosexual sex and a lady joyously 69ing a dwarf. Now much of this is real sex. Men and women dressed in the finery of ancient Rome lusciously go down on each other, leaving nothing to the imagination. Culminating in a drooling explosive ejaculation dripping from the mouth of one of the wives down the shaft of one of the customers.

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