Filthy Wretched Weekends

Another weekend of filth Chatted up by a milf And the best you can get Is head from a sket And a win on a bet   The muscles are showing The skirts are blowing And sickness lines the pavement Alcohol enslavement   Swinging jaws And clenched up paws Filthy techno beats And dirty sheets … Continue reading Filthy Wretched Weekends


Taking Drugs At A Festival

Fascist guards at the gates Like snakes Blocking the states Of enlightenment And musical heightenment   And your eyes are like frogs As you hide from the dogs So you endure the curse Of the old prison purse   Sifting through the hordes of revellers Just waiting for the drugs to level us Love hearts … Continue reading Taking Drugs At A Festival

The World Is Bullshit

  We live in a very strange place Divided by religion and race While the news keeps us on our toes, Teaching us to hate our hero’s And love our foes Our compassion in degradation A social segregation   A sick sense of patriotism Supporting Guantanamo prison Behind which terrorism has risen So we go … Continue reading The World Is Bullshit