Taking Drugs At A Festival

Fascist guards at the gates

Like snakes

Blocking the states

Of enlightenment

And musical heightenment


And your eyes are like frogs

As you hide from the dogs

So you endure the curse

Of the old prison purse


Sifting through the hordes of revellers

Just waiting for the drugs to level us

Love hearts and coke

The drugs are bespoke

Some weed for the woke

Pill heads on yoke


The rain may pour

But when you hear the crowd roar

And the drugs start to soar

Your eyes expand

To the fat of the land


A moment for humanity

To be who you want to be

Laughter and revelry

Meet people you’ll never see


Meet a soul mate

In a chemical state

Chat to some girls

Whos teeth look like pearls

With upside down smiles


like crocodiles


When the music has went

Its back to the tent

And it’s time to lament

On times well spent


Then the morning after

No more time for laughter

Reality hits you hard

100 rounds you feel you’ve sparred

In a plastic house in a field

A toothbrush you can barely wield


So you get back on it

With the speed of  Sonic

The comedown

rapidly goes away

You head out for another day



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