Filthy Wretched Weekends

Another weekend of filth

Chatted up by a milf

And the best you can get

Is head from a sket

And a win on a bet


The muscles are showing

The skirts are blowing

And sickness lines the pavement

Alcohol enslavement


Swinging jaws

And clenched up paws

Filthy techno beats

And dirty sheets


Artificial lights


And DJ nights


Taking smarties

At after parties

Until the early morning

A dirty day is dawning


Then you’re watching porn

With the hangover horn

And the curtains drawn

Blocking the light of day

Waiting for a takeaway


Greasy food

A reflective mood

The fear from the gear

Is here


Broken heels

Broken faces

Broken souls

Filthy Wretched Weekends





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