Weird and Wonderful Weddings: Scotland

The Hipster Roulotte Retreat Roulotte Retreat has some impeccable reviews from customers and critics alike. A picturesque glampsite set to the backdrop of the beautiful Scottish Borders in Melrose. The site gets its name from its fabulous accommodation of Peaky Blinder esq French Gypsy caravans, handcrafted and honed for the finest quality. The rustic back … Continue reading Weird and Wonderful Weddings: Scotland



REFLECTING on the ‘Fake News’ hype and how the mainstream media’s use of the phrase has been used to shape society.   “’Fake news’ is information that has been deliberately fabricated and disseminated with the intention to deceive and mislead others into believing falsehoods or doubting verifiable facts” (McGonagle 2017).   The term ‘Fake news’ … Continue reading FAKE NEWS ESSAY

Pizza Collar Bomb Murder

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. This is certainly the case in the murder of Brian Wells, more commonly known as - the pizza bomber case. American, Brian Douglas wells was a 61 year old pizza delivery driver. For close to 30 years Wells had worked the same job with ease, at the Mama Mia … Continue reading Pizza Collar Bomb Murder