Weird and Wonderful Weddings: Scotland

The Hipster Roulotte Retreat Roulotte Retreat has some impeccable reviews from customers and critics alike. A picturesque glampsite set to the backdrop of the beautiful Scottish Borders in Melrose. The site gets its name from its fabulous accommodation of Peaky Blinder esq French Gypsy caravans, handcrafted and honed for the finest quality. The rustic back … Continue reading Weird and Wonderful Weddings: Scotland


Top 5 Boxing Movies To Watch

Bleed for this Bleed for This is the incredible real life rollercoaster ride, story of Vinny Panzienza. Miles Teller stars as the fiery fighter who battled to win three world titles. However, the story focuses mainly on the inspirational comeback story of Vinny Paz. After a car crash left him with a broken neck, doctors … Continue reading Top 5 Boxing Movies To Watch

Greatest Fighters of Every Combat Sport: Part 2

Best Thai Boxer - Samart Payakaroon Samart Payakaroon AKA Samart Tiptarmai is largely known as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. He is a 4x Champion of Lumpinee Stadium at 4 separate weight divisions. He competed during one of the golden ages of Muay Thai and defeated countless elite level fighters. During this … Continue reading Greatest Fighters of Every Combat Sport: Part 2

Greatest Fighters of Every Combat Sport

  1. Best Pro Boxer – Sugar Ray Robinson Born Walker Smith Jr, Sugar Ray Robinson’s boxing style was so sweet they gave him the name Sugar. This along with a mix up with another fighter named Ray Robinsons boxing amateur boxing license gave him his name. He amassed an impressive unbeaten amateur record of … Continue reading Greatest Fighters of Every Combat Sport

10 Best Songs about Drugs

Not many things in this world garner an emotional response more than drugs. Whether chemically or politically the subject certainly stirs up emotions. On one hand drugs are a potion to spiritual enlightenment and different realms of consciousness and enjoyment. On the other hand drugs can be the most devastating substance in human society. Turning … Continue reading 10 Best Songs about Drugs

The Most Disturbing Games Ever Created

  Ethnic Cleansing The 2002 game was released on PC by white nationalist record label Resistance Records. Advertised as "most politically incorrect video game ever made" it certainly lives up to that moniker. The first person shooter gives points to the player as he hunts down and kills various ethnic groups such as Black, Hispanic … Continue reading The Most Disturbing Games Ever Created

Best Conscious Rappers

5. Dead Prez Dead Prez are perhaps the most politically pro-active hip-hop rap group in the game. The duo is made up of and M-1 and hail from Florida (Phares H). They preach a revolutionary message in stark contrast to the meaningless, mundane message of modern day hip hop. Although they lay claim to … Continue reading Best Conscious Rappers

Bleak observations living in 1 of Scotland’s poorest towns

  No one likes to see anyone else doing well   Far from being happy that one of their own has succeeded in life, there seems to be a deep routed resentment of anyone that is doing well. Perhaps this success reflects back on them the mundane reality of their own lives. Maybe the deprivation … Continue reading Bleak observations living in 1 of Scotland’s poorest towns

5 Most Beautiful Suicide Sites

Beachy Head (England) The sheer cut out of land from the white cliffs of Beachy Head can give you the feeling that you are standing at the edge of the world. Sadly for many people this is not far from the truth. Many people peer over the edge, contemplating leaving this mortal world, and jumping … Continue reading 5 Most Beautiful Suicide Sites