Pizza Collar Bomb Murder

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. This is certainly the case in the murder of Brian Wells, more commonly known as - the pizza bomber case. American, Brian Douglas wells was a 61 year old pizza delivery driver. For close to 30 years Wells had worked the same job with ease, at the Mama Mia … Continue reading Pizza Collar Bomb Murder


5 Most Beautiful Suicide Sites

Beachy Head (England) The sheer cut out of land from the white cliffs of Beachy Head can give you the feeling that you are standing at the edge of the world. Sadly for many people this is not far from the truth. Many people peer over the edge, contemplating leaving this mortal world, and jumping … Continue reading 5 Most Beautiful Suicide Sites

My Most Terrifying Experiences of Sleep Paralysis

If you haven’t ever had sleep paralysis please let me elaborate. Without getting too scientific about things, sleep paralysis happens when your mind wakes up from sleep, yet your body stays paralysed. You become fully aware of your surroundings yet you are still in the throes of rem sleep. As you can imagine, some pretty … Continue reading My Most Terrifying Experiences of Sleep Paralysis